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A pair of Rare Luterma Chairs priced each chair.


This well‐known Estonian plywood furniture company was founded in 1883 and by the turn of the century had become the largest plywood and furniture manufacturer in Russia. Luterma (the A. M. Luther Mechanical Woodworking Factory) was renowned for its high quality plywood, which was used for the manufacture of suitcases and pails as well as furniture. The company's early furniture types included office and railway furniture as well as domestic designs. In 1908 Luterma established a sister company in London, the Venesta Plywood Company (the name Venesta deriving from Veneer and Estonia), its international outlook being supported by the establishment of branch offices in many European countries including Germany, Sweden, France, and Italy.

Rare Luterma Chair (A)

SKU: AL2932A
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